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The last presenter from the ICON Annual Summit caught everyone's attention, with familiar games you might have played appearing on screen. JH Kim (CEO of theloop) went on stage explaining to the puzzled audiences, introducing one of the biggest Korean game makers Smilegate and its plans to incorporate its subsidiary Smilegate Stove on the ICON platform. ICON Annual Summit - Smilegate Stove

Smilegate Brief Intro

Smilegate is among the largest game makers in South Korea, the company behind the hit title CrossFire. Just to give an idea how popular CrossFire is, In 2012 CrossFire had 4.2 million users worldwide and made it into the Guinness World Records for having the largest number of game users online. It also holds the record in concurrent viewership CROSSFIRE world championship breaks viewership record with 37.5 million unique viewers. CrossFire raked in 1 trillion KRW in revenue ($930 million), currently with 8 million concurrent users and 650m subscribers. Also interesting to note that CrossFire is free to play, the company generates revenue from micropayments for in-game items and characters aesthetics. Smilegate extends beyond game publishing to several other business domains through these affiliate companies,

Smilegate Holdings
Proving corporate governance and management efficiency by reorganizing subsidiaries for self-management and decision-making.

Smilegate Entertainment
Expanding its business areas in games, and other forms of cultural content and IP.

Smilegate WorldWide
Grasping global gaming market trends as a leading publisher.

Smilegate MegaLab
Discovering valuable content, based on insight, and increasing such value, and overcoming the limitations of the era and the industry.

Smilegate RPG
Leveraging its top-notch expertise in the field of game development to explore new ways to develop the world’s best online MMORPG.

Smilegate MegaPort
Manages global game distribution and services for worldwide audience.

Smilegate Investment
An investment group with expertise in aiding superior companies to demonstrate their full potential and become global entities.

Smilegate Foundation
Embracing corporate social responsibility and sending messages of hope to society.

Smilegate Stove
Provides next-generation social gaming platform ‘STOVE’ services.

Smilegate Stove

Stove is Smilegate's initiative started in 2015, to create a global social game platform. It's not a company focused on servicing games, it's more about entertainment and social activities surrounding the gaming industry. Think Twitch with game streams, think YouTube with game clips, think Reddit with game discussions. It is a global social game platform to host any gaming related content and enable gamers' social activities. These activities are not limited to sharing content but also enabling C2C transactions of game items between users. Stove also plans to up its game by providing developer tools to allow game creation on its platform, cultivate creativity, compensate with fair rewards, and legal support to safeguard copyrighted content. Stove will also excercise its expertise in game distribution to serve worldwide audiences, making the platform an ideal environment to incubate and host new games. Stove is currently in a series of evolutions, with the ultimate goal of creating a game ecosystem where there'll be no boundaries between creators and users. Stove is embracing the blockchain technology, by partnering with ICON to create a decentralized platform to host its contents and enable user interactions and transactions on the platform. Stove will likely create its own native currency, similar to that of Stove Cash, on the blockchain. This will serve as utility token for things like payment, gift, reward etc. It's probably safe to assume that this will be an ICO on the ICON blockchain given the partnership.

CEO BIO, Richest Self-Made Billionaire from South Korea

  • 4th richest in South Korea with 6.1B net worth, richest self-made billionaire.
  • Kwon Hyuk-Bin founded Smilegate in 2002 and has built it into one of the most successful gaming companies in South Korea.
  • Following a 2008 partnership with Chinese Internet giant Tencent, it released its most popular title, CrossFire.
  • Kwon's Smilegate Holdings, of which he owns 100%, is the largest shareholder of Korean mobile game developer SundayToz.
  • Through Smilegate Foundation, Kwon started Orange Farm, South Korea's largest private incubator and has donated over $5 million to building schools in Vientnam and China. He has also contributed over $2 million to his alma mater at Sogang University.
  • Seven numbers to explain self-made billionaire owner of Smilegate

Two Giants, One Grand Vision

Two multi-billion company, each bringing in top talents from blockchain and gaming industry, with one grand vision of creating the ultimate global social game platform. Too good to be true?